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Steering Committee Duties PDF

The Steering Committee Representatives are the administrators of the KAP program in their schools. Appointed by the school’s head, the Steering Committee representative maintains communication between the KAP Directors, KAP Registrar, and teachers of their home school.


  • Attend all meetings called by the Directors with responsibility for attendance at the fall Convocation.
  • Keep KAP visible and viable within the school, advertising its many blessings at every opportunity.
  • Meet with KAP faculty, head of school, head of upper school, etc. as needed to provide communication.
  • Send expense forms to the KAP Registrar as needed.


  • Make sure that all late applications and class lists are returned to the KAP Registrar
  • Check on scheduling of class visits to Kenyon, and facilitate and coordinate as necessary.
  • Is aware of visits of Kenyon course representatives to the school and meet with each representative.
  • Arrange for billing of students, sending student and school payments to the KAP Registrar.
  • Provide college counselor with descriptions of the program for college representatives. 


  • Ascertain KAP offerings in the school for the subsequent year and send course descriptions to the Kenyon Co-Director as available.


  • Remind the head of the school to nominate KAP faculty by May 1st, and see that the new faculty submit resumes.
  • Process students applications for the coming year, make sure senior KAP students fill out the transcript request forms, returning both of these forms to the KAP Registrar by April 15th.
  • Make sure faculty plans for summer workshops are firm, necessary materials accumulated, expectations clear.
  • Make sure course evaluations have been collected from the students.
  • Distribute “KAP Evaluation Forms” to high school instructors.
  • Make sure each student receives a grade for the completed academic year. The KAP grades are entered by each instructor via the Kenyon website.
  • Collect “KAP Evaluation Form” from instructors.
  • Meet the school head to evaluate program’s success during the year.